Specy 4 Eyes Vintage Style

An essential item, I wear everyday is my glasses.  Some people get the delights of wearing them for effect, but for me, my delight is not having the embarrassment of walking past someone I know.  When I first headed into the world of vintage, I did try contact lenses, but sadly my eyes dry out... Continue Reading →

Vintage Shops in Dublin’s Fair City!

Thanks to my wee cousins big day, I found the perfect excuse this weekend to escape dissertation writing and explore Dublin. In recent years I've noticed that even when abroad the high street has become to look remarkably similar where ever you go.  So I now make a point to have a quick google of... Continue Reading →

Escape to the Garage

I was talking to a friend about writing my dissertation and they mentioned that their house had never been so clean when they were studying, as it provided that excuse to get up from the computer. Well, my house is a bit of a mess, but I found my excuse to escape into the garage... Continue Reading →

My Very Vintage Cornish Blue

For me, my Very Vintage Kitchen would not be without Cornishware.  Over the past couple of years I’ve slowly been collecting a bit at a time and now I’ve got a reasonable set. T.G. Green dates back to 1864, when rumour has it that whilst Thomas Green was on honeymoon with his new bride he... Continue Reading →

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