Vintage Shops in Dublin’s Fair City!

Thanks to my wee cousins big day, I found the perfect excuse this weekend to escape dissertation writing and explore Dublin. In recent years I’ve noticed that even when abroad the high street has become to look remarkably similar where ever you go.  So I now make a point to have a quick google of vintage shops in the area and find myself exploring off the main shopping streets.

20180705_140625The good news in Dublin is there are plenty to explore, the bad news I didn’t have much time before I met up with my parents. So I decided to hit a couple of shops in Dublin near Georges Street Arcade.  First up was ‘The Harlequin’, on Castle Market with a mix of items, selling both men’s ware and women’s ware.  This is quite a traditional vintage shop, full from floor to ceiling with 2nd hand items.

20180705_141358Just up the street from here is Georges Arcade, well worth a look with both ‘The Vintage Shop’ and ‘Retro’.  20180711_075713-e1531305340750.jpg‘Retro’ has become a new favorite for me with a great range of new items for both men and women.  It was so good that when I did meet up with my parents I told them about this fantastic shop and dragged them back across town to see it.  It turns out my Mum didn’t need much dragging and the next day, we were both back in, as she suggested an early Christmas present for me and a dress for herself.  She went with a lovely Alice and Wonderland Dress while I went for a flamingo dress (the word Flamingo has been on my vintage shopping list for a while). The dresses were from a company called ‘Run and Fly’ and are really well made.  If you can’t get to Dublin, do have a google as there are other suppliers.  They also do matching shirts for men.  The staff in this shop were fab and there was a nice book shop in the arcade to keep Dad entertained while we shopped.

The last shop I went into was Carousel.  This one is a chain store but inspired by the retro look.  I loved the parachuting dress (you can take a girl away from the Airborne, but the heart never leaves) and fell in love with their cardigans.  I went in to the changing rooms armed with a huge selection of clothes in a UK size 16 with that excited, ‘how will I ever choose if they all fit’ feel.  However, sadly I struggled to get any of them to fit right.  This was on the first day of my holiday, so I couldn’t blame the Irish breakfasts.  A quick check around the shop floor and I couldn’t find an 18 in any of the ones I wanted, plus to be honest my self conscious didn’t want to buy an 18.  Comparing notes with my Mum, who was now hooked on my vintage shopping trip, she had found plenty to love, but didn’t find them as well made as down the road at Retro and the ones we were looking at were 20 Euro more.

20180711_103838So it will come as no surprise, that the next day, we chatted about how you can’t find anything on the high street worth buying these days and accidentally on purpose found ourselves at ‘Retro’ again.  This time Mum bought a Crab dress (which apparently you need to be careful how you tell your niece you have crabs) and I came away with a bicycle dress which in my defense will be great for work and is cotton so great for this heatwave.

Well, with all that shopping there was only one thing to do, head down to the Temple Bar area, listen to some good music and have a pint of Guinness.received_10155450395091479

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