Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside

luxury-vintage-seaside-posters-and-incredible-ideas-of-seaside-posters-14Well its that time of year, the sun is shining and like generations before us, the beach is calling.  There is something quite quintessentially British about the seaside.  It has a timeless quality which makes it perfect for a vintage day out and choose your location right, you can avoid the modern annoyance of arcades dinging in the background.  The vintage day out is more tasteful, with deck chairs on the beach, buckets and spades, fish and chips, a promenade down the pier with naturally the ice-cream in the hand.  On a sunny day, what more can you ask for.

Of course, I make it sound a dream and forget trying to remove wet sand from the legs, the need for a wind break and the North Sea/ Atlantic isn’t known for its high temperatures.  However, this small isle of ours boasts some terrific locations each with their own unique character.

9ce1165d65a53fce8eaa945b99da0139When I lived down in the South East I loved a trip to Southwold Pier in Suffolk. It was great to discover this gem, especially its Under the Pier Show, an alternative to the noisy arcades, with some great slot machines from the Doctor that write illegible notes to the Rent a Dog machine.  I have fond memories of wondering around Southwold trying to sniff out the Fish and Chip shop.

20170614_154730 (2)
Bamburgh Beach



My top choice in the North of England would have to be Bamburgh beach in Northumberland, not only for its golden beaches but the fantastic castle that dominates the landscape.


However,  in my heart my perfect beach will always be in Tiree, where I have spent many holidays, with its flat golden sands and big blue skies.  No kiss me quick hats, donkeys or even an ice cream van.  Its just about the simple pleasures.

Skye running down Crossapol Beach, Tiree

I would love to hear what your favorite beach spots are?




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