A Scent in Time

20180507_160702I’ve been feeling a little guilty as work on my dissertation has taken over my writing of late, but this morning I gave myself a spray of my Estee Lauder Youth Dew and couldn’t resist writing a few words that were nothing to do with work or study.

Our sense of smell holds powerful memories of a person long after they have gone; the smell of pipe smoke and I think of my Grandpa, the scent of someone wearing Estee Lauder and I’m in the room again with my Grandmother.

A year ago, I decided I really wanted to have a regular perfume, and Youth Dew became a natural choice for me.  The bottle now sits on my dressing table to be used each day, next to the photo of my Gran in her wedding dress, a truly vintage style icon.  It seems that this is the perfect place to put them.

downloadMy Grandparents married in 1951, at a time where fragrance was seen as a luxury, an item to be bought for special occasions.  However, when Estee Lauder came up with the idea she marketed it as a bath oil and perfume for everyday; launching in 1953, it soon became the popular choice, with the original green/ blue bottle on many peoples dressing tables.

There is a story that Estee Lauder ‘accidentally’ spilled a bottle on the floor of Galeries Lafayette in Paris, creating an instant draw of shoppers wanting to find out what the lovely smell was.  I’m not sure when my Gran first started wearing Youth Dew but I like to think she was one of those first trend setting ladies.

Now the scent has been passed down through the generations of my family, the fragrance drifts through my Mum’s and my Aunts homes and now through into mine.  A love the sense of vintage connecting us to our past.

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