A grand day out!

Rheged Centre

Today in this lovely weather I took a drive out to explore the area, heading east along the North Lakes to the Rheged Centre for #KnitstitchShow2018. Its still on tomorrow (15th Apr 2018), so if you missed it you still have a chance to see it.

This was my first time to the Rheged Centre and I have to say it was a great venue.  If any of you travel up the M6 through Cumbria then its worth a stop. Not only is the petrol is certainly cheaper than the motorway but its been well thought out, from its local produce to the way the building blends into the landscape.  Even the petrol station has a grass covered roof. The venue has some shops, great catering, a cinema and play areas.  Its smaller than some places, but the character of the place makes up for it.

One warning I would give is to either arrive early or use the park and ride they have in operation for the event.  By the time I was leaving the car park there was full.

Fabric Affair

So what were the highlights of the show.  I have to say I fell in love with Fabric Affair with their wonderful Donegal Tweeds.

Fabric Affair

They had a lovely patchwork quilt made of scraps of tweed and I took my time having a good look at their tweed and their creations.  I must admit I’m tempted to make a tweed skirt.  The price of tweed is high, but then its hard wearing and will last longer…. decisions decisions!


Leah Halliday

I loved the look of Leah Halliday’s stand, but struggled to get close to it.  They offer a variety of workshops in Dumfries such as sewing Russian dolls, creating bow ties, teddy bears and making lampshades.  I must admit I’m quite interested in taking their beginners draft pattern course.

Fellview Fibres

I also really enjoyed talking to the lady from Fellview Fibres as she was spinning.  It was great to see her demonstrating her craft and sharing her knowledge.  She told me all about where her wool comes from that leads to the softest of wool’s spun.  If I get better at knitting then I would certainly invest in her wool.

Did I buy? Actually, not this time, but to be fair I was on a tight budget. I had been on the look out for fabric, but didn’t see anything that jumped out or the ones I liked I had seen on ebay for half the price.  One stall had vintage patterns, but I didn’t think I would suit the couple they had.  Was I inspired?  Well yes and no.  I came away thinking about a tweed project, but was thinking about that previously.  I decided to have a go at teaching myself to crochet but again it was something I had been considering anyway.





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