Time to fight the Beast From the East with the Perfect Vintage Winter Wardrobe

Here in the UK, the biggest story is the weather. It’s a very British tradition to discuss the weather, especially when the snow takes control.  This isn’t the best news for me, as I move house this weekend, so in an effort to distract myself and to keep on the weather theme I thought I would think about what my ideal winter vintage wardrobe would contain.  I had thought at this time I might be discussing my spring wardrobe, but such is life!

Katharine Trousers Donegal Walnut from Vivien of Holloway

In this weather, I’m likely to be in a pair of trousers rather than a skirt and I have to say, I do love ‘Katharine Trousers Donnegal Walnut’ from Vivien of Holloway, with its button detail on side.  For £59, its one of those wardrobe basics from the 1940s.

Jenny Cardigan from Vivien of Holloway

Vivien of Holloway is a site I love to browse.  My new job will be more office based, so a perfect time to be looking out for stylish, timeless office basics. I’ve also recently fallen in love with their Jenny Cardigan, available in lots of different colours such as Picalilly, Petrol, Teal and Red.  Naturally in this weather, layers are essential.  What I love is that their Mandarin Tops and Slash Neck Tops are in the same colour range, for perfect coordination.


Cable Pattern Tights from MOD Shoes

If I was to venture into a skirt or dress, it would be the perfect excuse to buy a couple pairs of tights from MOD Shoes, inspired by the 1960s and 1970s.  I’m a particular fan of their Cable Pattern Tights.


‘Eva’ Suede Gloves from Lindy Bop

If one does need to brave the outside, there are some great coats on the market.  For me, in this weather fur (fake of course) edging is a must.  I’m in love with Hell Bunny Isadora Coat with its lovely lined hood for keeping cosy.  If you’re looking for something with a Leopard pattern, then you can’t go wrong with Collectif Mainline Gina Leopard Fur Trim Coat, currently in the sale at the bargain price of £40.78, but sadly only a Size 8 still in stock, so sadly it rules me out to be the lucky owner.  I love the pattern on the material on this coat and its little bow detail. Of course, a vintage lady would not be seen out without gloves, and I have to say I’m fond of Lindy Bop’s ‘Eva’ Burgundy Suede Gloves.

Lulu Hun Martha Heel from Collectif

The other sale bargain from Collectif that I’ve missed out on is the Lulu Hun Martha Heel, I love the green pair, inspired by the 1940s, at time of writing it’s reduced from £53.50 to £18.73.  I would also recommend having a look at BAIT website for boots, especially their Fabby Green Boots currently at $130.  I have to say America has some great shoe shops for the vintage look.

I should say I’m not sponsored by any of these companies or received freebies (however, if you are the company, I wouldn’t say no!), the clothes are here simply because I love them and want to share them with you.

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