Make your own! Simplicity 8186

I’m pleased to announce that I have completed my latest sewing project!!!  Whilst there was a few words passed between the sewing machine and I, overall I have enjoyed it, and best of all have a dress that is unique.  If you’re into your vintage, sewing is a great way of getting a great outfit that you won’t find anywhere else and fits well.  I’m perfectly formed, but not formed necessary to what shops think I should be.  Being able to make adjustments on the machine certainly helps, not that I am an expert (yet!).

20171221_085426Before Christmas an email from  Fabric Time came through advertising some bargains.  Naturally, I thought to myself, “well, it doesn’t cost to look“, and I think you can guess how that one turned out.  Fortunately, I had seen the ideal pattern to use on one of the pieces of fabric.  20180205_151706Simplicity 8186 is an old fashioned apron style, the sort you would have seen a lady cleaning her front step in, in the 1940s.  It comes with a couple different options.  I went with Option B that has sleeves.

So my dining table was soon covered in pieces of paper and fabric.  Typically, I had miscalculated how much fabric I needed and so had to order an extra metre.  Once it was all cut out, the dress quickly took shape.  The pattern was fairly easy to follow, although I did get somewhat confused at the shoulder section.

I don’t know if I did it quite right, but have attached  a photo in case you want to have a go.  I did surprise myself when I put the sleeve in.  At first I had debated if I should do the more simple version without the sleeve, but thought “what’s the worse that can happen“, whilst all the time expecting to be unpicking.  By some miracle, both sleeves went in first time!20180129_171444

20180204_085619Overall, I’m quite chuffed with it and will definitely be using this pattern again. However next time, I will try and remember when I think “it doesn’t cost to look” that the last time it cost a couple of metres of material, some bias binding, a reel of cotton and a new dress pattern.

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