My Very Vintage Cornish Blue

For me, my Very Vintage Kitchen would not be without Cornishware.  Over the past couple of years I’ve slowly been collecting a bit at a time and now I’ve got a reasonable set.

T.G. Green dates back to 1864, when rumour has it that whilst Thomas Green was on honeymoon with his new bride he bought a pottery in Derbyshire.  Cornishware was first produced in the early 1920s, with its distinctive Cornish blue and white stripes as a reminder of the sea and sky of Cornwall.  Of course these days, the stripes also come in red and pink. 

One of my Christmas presents this year!   

The brand became a design icon and featured in many people’s kitchens, with the pottery employing over 1000 people.  T.G. Green closed in 2007, unable to keep up with the mass produced market.  However the designs were not to go obsolete, Cornishware now made in China and sold in the UK.

If you are wanting to start your own collection, it’s worth watching out for the second’s sale at: .  The current sale runs until tomorrow.  I’ve had a number of pieces off the second’s sale and apart from the brown box, instead of the blue and white gift box I wouldn’t spot the flaws.  I would also recommend looking out for items on:  and of course the car boot sale!

When I first started collecting I got a couple of pieces with the blue and white stripe that weren’t T.G. Green.   With hindsight, it’s worth waiting to save up for the real McCoy, the imitations paint often isn’t’ as bold as the original or the pottery doesn’t have the weight or quality feel.

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