Vintage By The Sea

On Wednesday, I finally handed in my dissertation! On Thursday, I debated what I should do now when I'm not at work.  On Friday, I saw an advert for Vintage By the Sea and on Saturday, I found myself taking a drive down to Morecambe.   Its free to look around the Festival, so great if... Continue Reading →

Specy 4 Eyes Vintage Style

An essential item, I wear everyday is my glasses.  Some people get the delights of wearing them for effect, but for me, my delight is not having the embarrassment of walking past someone I know.  When I first headed into the world of vintage, I did try contact lenses, but sadly my eyes dry out... Continue Reading →

The land that time forgot

If you're up in the North, and thinking about a trip out this weekend, then Haweswater might be just the ticket for a once in a generation chance to see Mardale Green. Living in what normally seems to be the rainiest county in England, it might come as a surprise that we should have a... Continue Reading →

Vintage Shops in Dublin’s Fair City!

Thanks to my wee cousins big day, I found the perfect excuse this weekend to escape dissertation writing and explore Dublin. In recent years I've noticed that even when abroad the high street has become to look remarkably similar where ever you go.  So I now make a point to have a quick google of... Continue Reading →

Escape to the Garage

I was talking to a friend about writing my dissertation and they mentioned that their house had never been so clean when they were studying, as it provided that excuse to get up from the computer. Well, my house is a bit of a mess, but I found my excuse to escape into the garage... Continue Reading →

Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside

Well its that time of year, the sun is shining and like generations before us, the beach is calling.  There is something quite quintessentially British about the seaside.  It has a timeless quality which makes it perfect for a vintage day out and choose your location right, you can avoid the modern annoyance of arcades... Continue Reading →

A Scent in Time

I've been feeling a little guilty as work on my dissertation has taken over my writing of late, but this morning I gave myself a spray of my Estee Lauder Youth Dew and couldn't resist writing a few words that were nothing to do with work or study. Our sense of smell holds powerful memories... Continue Reading →

A grand day out!

Today in this lovely weather I took a drive out to explore the area, heading east along the North Lakes to the Rheged Centre for #KnitstitchShow2018. Its still on tomorrow (15th Apr 2018), so if you missed it you still have a chance to see it. This was my first time to the Rheged Centre... Continue Reading →

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